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Firmware Update Failure and The Countermeasure

DVD-R/RW drive firmware update may fail if your PC has one of the following environment.
  1. When the Ultra ATA Storage Driver made by Intel is installed
  2. When the Application Accelerator made by Intel is installed

Most of PCs come with Microsoft default drivers.
In case any of above are installedAthe difference of API which issue commands to ATAPI drives will hinder the firmware update procedure.
Basically it is difficult to counteract for the cause by the application, we have employed measures to reduce the potential failure with our utmost effort.

The symptom of failure and the countermeasure

When you are unable to update the firmware and see the fault indication with 0000 or 0001.
If you face with this symptom, a dialogue box pops up to request another round of update procedure.
Please select YES for the update.
When the update proceeded successfully, the above window appears.

If you select NO;
1 You can still retry the update procedure while your PC is working.
Click R3TA190.EXE or R4TA132.EXE to restart the updating procedure once again.
2 When you select No and Windows OS is shut down;

Procedure 1 Reconnect the jumper line on the rear panel of the Drive to SL(slave) position, and reposition other IDE device to Master.
All the devices shall be connected on the same cable.
supplemental: If you have a CD-RW drive or a DVD-ROM drive besides Primary IDE HDD at Slave position, please re-connect the above drives to Master and connect the DVD-R/RW Drive on the same cable line.
remarks: Some HDD require jumper setting change when a drive is connected to the Slave position.
Please consult with the manual or check the relevant web site for the infomation.
Procedure 2 With maintaining the connection as above, start Windows OS and execute R3TA190.EXE or R4TA132.EXE.

For Windows 98, you may also take the following steps

While starting Windows, push CTRL key or F8 key to pop up the menu and select "Command Prompt Only" to enter MS-DOS mode.
Even you have failed to update the firmware, following files remain in the directory;

  • When you have failed with R3TA190.EXE C:\Pioneer¥R3TA190
  • When you have failed with R4TA132.EXE C:\Pioneer¥R4TA132

  Key in the following command from the Prompt screen. Then execute UPGDVD.EXE to update the firmware
Note: is meant for Enter Key
  • For R3TA190.EXE;
    C:¥> cd c:¥Pioneer¥R3TA190
    C:¥Pioneer¥R3TA190> UPGDVD

  • For R4TA132.EXE;
    C:¥> cd c:¥Pioneer¥R4TA132
    C:¥Pioneer¥R4TA132> UPGDVD