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News Release

January 6, 2017
Pioneer to Exhibit at CES 2017
December 15, 2016
Pioneer Develops a Driver Monitoring System that Detects Driver Drowsiness Early and Improves the Level of Alertness Striving to introduce it to the market in 2020 or thereafter as a support system for reliable and safe driving (PDF 137 KB)
December 12, 2016
Pioneer Sound Systems Featured as Original Equipment on New LEXUS LC (PDF 306 KB)
November 25, 2016
Pioneer builds a map-based accident prediction platform and Intelligent Pilot, an ADAS solution for on-the-road cars Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. has decided to use the system for its “Drive Agent Personal” service. (PDF 729 KB)
November 10, 2016
Pioneer Announces Business Results for 2Q Fiscal 2017 (PDF 321 KB)
September 14, 2016
Pioneer Introduces Multi-Drive Assist Unit with Advanced Driving Assistance Functions in Japan (PDF 166 KB)

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What's New

January 12, 2017 [Corporate Citizenship]
Pioneer Updated the Website of Corporate Citizenship.
January 6, 2017 [Environmental Activities]
Pioneer Published Pioneer Group Environmental Data 2016 (PDF).
January 6, 2017 [Environmental Activities]
Pioneer Updated the Website of Environmental Activities.
January 5, 2017 [Sound Lab.]
"Global Sounds" Search update. 3 tracks are selected from Posted !
December 22, 2016 [Sound Lab.]
"Global Sounds" Search update. 11 tracks are selected from Posted !
December 21, 2016 [Tohoku Pioneer]
Main Businesses: " Mechatronics (Mechatronics R&D Examples)" page is updated.

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