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November 7, 2014
Signing of Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Onkyo, Subscription to New Onkyo Shares to Be Issued Through Third-Party Allotment, Company Split of Headphone-Related Business, and Share Transfer of Subsidiary (PDF 150 KB)
November 7, 2014
Pioneer Announces Progress of Transfer of DJ Equipment Business and Accompanying Company Split, and Transfer of Subsidiary’s Shares (PDF 116 KB)
November 7, 2014
Pioneer Announces Business Results for 2Q Fiscal 2015 (PDF 185 KB)
November 5, 2014
Statement on Media Reports of Today (PDF 54 KB)
September 30, 2014
Announcement Regarding Syndicated Loan Agreements (PDF 93 KB)
September 30, 2014
Pioneer Develops Rearview Mirror Telematics Unit Equipped with LTE Communication Module

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December 2, 2014 [Environmental Activities]
The Pioneer Group published its Environmental Activities Report 2014 (PDF) Environmental initiatives as environment-friendly products, global warming prevention activities, etc. have been posted.
November 27, 2014 [Sound Lab.]
"Global Sounds" Search update. 11 tracks are selected from Posted !
November 7, 2014 [Investor Relations]
2nd Quarter Results (from July 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014)
November 7, 2014 [Investor Relations]
Business Forecasts page updated
November 6, 2014 [Environmental Activities]
Pioneer Group has established the environmental vision, introduced environment-friendly products that support the eco-life, and published the 2013 activity results.
Special Topics: "Reduce Electric Power at the Data Center!" was posted.
November 6, 2014 [CSR]
Corporate Social Responsibility Website Update

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