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How To Check DVD-R Media ID
The Media ID of DVD-R can be checked by using the following software.
What is Media ID H
Each DVD-R media has its unique ID by manufacturer and the other information.
A method to check the Media ID
Download the software NERO CD Speed from the web site of NERO.

<< Remarks of the Software >>
1. Please read the following remarks prior to use the software Nero CD Speed.
  • All the rights of the software belong to the NERO.
  • Pioneer remains free from any technical support or the guarantee related to the software.
  • Pioneer is not liable for any damage caused by the use of the software.
  • Consult with the NERO for the details of the software.
  • Please read remarks of the Software in the web site of NERO.
2. Insert the DVD-R media to the Pioneer DVD-R/RW Writer.
3. Click the Icon of the Nero CD Speed to open the following window.
4. Select "Extra" from the menu, and click to open the "Disc Information".
5. See the Media ID indicated on the "Code".