Blu-ray Disc Writer BDR-S07XLT

Advanced Blu-Ray internal drive capable of writing/reading BD-R with advanced PureRead3+ function in addition to many useful functions, strong stability and reliability BD/DVD/CD writer BDR-S07XLT


12X BD PureRead3+ Video & Audio Mode Disc Status and Drive Status
Power saving mode Utility software Optimal speed BD burning Recording Surface S.Mode
DVD-R CLV Limit Mode For unsupported media High accuracy High performance pick-up
Disc-Resonance Stabilizer Quiet Drive Mode 3D Quiet Drive firmware Designed for Quiet Operation
Anti-Dust Eco-frendly    
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Writing speed of 12x*1 on BD discs

BDR-S07XLT can read and write to BD discs (single-layer 25GB and dual-layer 50GB media). In addition, BDR-S07XLT boasts writing speeds up to 12x on BD discs.
Please refer to our website for the supporting media list (to be posted).

The latest PureRead3+ technology (Original Sound Reproduction) minimizes the data compensation process

PureRead is a unique function that minimizes the data compensation process by diagnosing the disc condition and adjusting the reading method, and attempting once again to reread obscured data to extract the original music when audio CD read errors occur. Such errors are caused by scratches or fingerprints on the disc surface and cannot be corrected by the CD-specific error correction system (CIRC). BDR-S07XLT features our latest technology called PureRead3+, which is an advanced version of PureRead. The new PureRead3+ algorithm starts up and once again attempts rereading when the initial rereading fails to extract the data. With increased reading accuracy combined with the BDXL compatible pick-up unit that enhances CD reading performance, audio CDs can be read with a high degree of accuracy.

Optimized loading and other actions with the new Video & Audio Mode

The included Pioneer Drive Utility enables the new Video & Audio Mode, which optimizes loading and Quiet Drive Mode settings when playing movie content (BD/DVDs) or music (CDs).
Quiet, slow, high-definition tray movement

The New DiscStatus and DriveStatus functions

Along with various other new features, the new DiscStatus function allows you to check disc type and status while loading, while DriveStatus shows you the drive's status.

Newly developed power saving mode

Peak Power Reducer, the newly developed power saving mode, cuts on-peak power consumption and maintains stable operation when the power supply is low.
Image of Peak Power Reducer's effects during the start-up process

Improved usability with the new utility software

In addition to the Video & Audio Mode, the new utility software also provides new functions that allow users to see the disc and drive status. The audio/video disc loading and Quiet Drive Mode settings can be managed by this included software. Now users can use the drive more easily and smoothly.

The optimal speed BD burning function ensures stable recording with any type of BD-R media

Optimal Write Speed (an auto writing speed selection function that prioritizes quality) checks various parameters of BD-R media and automatically selects the optimal writing speed for the media. This is useful when priority is given to recording accuracy and writing speed.

The Recording Surface Sensitive Mode improves the appearance of BD-R media

While maintaining high-accuracy writing performance, the Recording Surface Sensitive Mode minimizes the uneven appearance of the recording surface of the disc. This is a reliable function for burning discs for distribution.
Without the Recording Surface Sensitive Mode/With the Recording Surface Sensitive Mode

DVD-R CLV Limit Mode

Limiting the recording method to CLV makes the DVD-R surface look even and maintains high-accuracy writing performance. It is a reliable function for when the DVD-Rs are to be distributed, and it is expected that they will be read by other players.

Optimal Recording Strategy Prediction Algorithm for unsupported media

BDR-S07XLT writes to unsupported BD recording media with a speed up to 4x by automatically predicting the optimal recording strategy. This algorithm reduces the occurrence of problems, such as not being able to record to purchased discs, and ensures reliable and stable recording.
*Satisfactory recording quality may not be achieved depending on the discs.

12x high-speed writing balanced with high accuracy

BDR-S07XLT's 12x high-speed writing on BD-R is the industry's fastest standard. During high-speed writing, high accuracy is maintained even in the outer areas of the disc where accuracy tends to be reduced. Furthermore, BDR-S07XLT is the first BD drive with the BD-R Recording Surface Sensitive Mode (for SL/DL), which reduces uneven appearances on the recording surface of the disc while maintaining high accuracy. It is a reliable function for burning discs for distribution.

The high performance pick-up was developed, designed, and produced in-house

The high performance pick-up is an original development by Pioneer that enhances reading and writing accuracy.

The Disc-Resonance Stabilizer further improves accuracy for high-speed BD-R/BD-R DL reading and writing

High speed disc rotation causes disc warping due to resonant vibration. This results in unstable writing quality, especially in the outer areas. The Disc-Resonance Stabilizer, a newly designed projection on the top chassis, reduces such errors. By narrowing the interspace between the disc and the top panel, the air flow caused by the high rotation presses and prevents the disc from warping, thereby reducing reading and writing errors. With this new feature, stable operation is ensured by handling the three patterns of disc resonant vibration that occur during operation. This feature has been further enhanced for BDR-S07XLT. Now high accuracy can be maintained even at maximum writing speeds of 12x* on BD/ BD-R DL media.
Without Disc Vibration Stabilizer With Disc Vibration Stabilizer
*12x high-speed writing on BD-R is possible on 6x BD-R discs by Panasonic and Sony. On other major 6x discs, the maximum writing speed is 10x. 12x high-speed writing on BD-R DL is possible on 6x BD-R dual-layer discs by Panasonic.

The Quiet Drive Mode supports Blu-ray 3D

The Quiet Drive Mode is now compatible with Blu-ray 3D. It allows the quiet and stable playing of Blu-ray 3D titles.

The Advanced Quiet Drive firmware selects optimal drive speeds

The standard firmware intelligently adjusts the disc rotation speed that is the most suitable for the media for example, it maintains low speeds to preserve quiet while watching movies or listening to music, and speeds up while copying data to a hard disk to achieve high performance. Image of disc rotation speed during music playing and data copying

High-performance quiet, dust-proofing, and heat dissipating mechanisms

This product is equipped with Pioneer's exclusive honeycomb pattern used in audio component products and the BD-supporting silence tray that was first adopted for BDR-S03J. Noise is reduced by controlling the air currents created by the spinning disc. BDR-S07XLT features our newly designed electric circuit substrate, which is a third of the size of BDR-S03J's, thus expanding the room inside the enclosure. This enables the efficient circulation of air inside the drive, and also controls local temperature rises in the pick-up and disc surface that occur during high-speed or extended disc rotation. Furthermore, the position of the dust-proofing and sound-proofing pad has been adjusted to ensure the air-tightness of the dedicated front bezel and help create perfect silence. Pioneer's exhaustive noise-reduction design makes quiet operation possible and ensures safe, long-term use. Internal Tray Air flow Structure


Dust Protection
The sound barrier design that traps noise inside also works as a barrier to keep dust outside. With the newly developed mechanism, the drive has achieved approximately four times superior dust durability over our previous model. This means drive failure due to dust is practically a non-issue.
(BDR-S07XLT is same as DVR-06)
Particle level≒600cpm Continuous write/read of media (JVC DVD-RW2-6x) 1cycle= 4x write,8x read PASS/FAIL criteria : Disc write/read with no errors Discrepancy in FAIL time is due to what point on the disc Became unreadable


More Environmentally Friendly Drive Design
Easier Material Recycling
An elastic, hot plastic material injected on a cold drive metal body is the conventional production method typically used in the industry. This production method has a disadvantage when it comes to material recycling because plastics and metals are unified which makes the recycling process difficult. Pioneer has employed more environmentally friendly production methods by paying attention to materials that are easier to recycle. Lightweight and elaborate package design is reflected on the drive which has less impact on our environment.