Blu-ray Disc Writer BDR-2206

BDR-2206 Technical characteristic


BDR-2206 拡大写真を見る Blu-ray Disc Writer BDR-2206 (BLACK)SPECIFICATIONS ICON
Designed for Quiet Operation Auto Quiet Operation Anti-Dust Wide media support for high speed write
Precision writing : Disc stabilizer Pure Read Eco-friendly  
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Designed for Quiet Operation

Newly designed mechanism enables advanced noise suppression
Most operational noise is generated from the air flow when the disc spins within the drive. The disc tray structure on the BDR-2206 has been redesigned to control the flow of air and smooth its circulation within the drive. Several tunnel-like air intakes and ducts are placed around the disc tray to realize smoother air flow. The inside of the drive is also smoother so the air flow isn’t hindered and noise isn’t created. Attention to these details allows for the drive’s operational noise to be greatly reduced.
Keep it Quiet !
Even with the attention to these details, the disc spinning within the drive will still create some air flow noise. There are three areas from which air flow noise escapes from the front of the drive - above, below, and from underneath. The interlocking/overlapping design works like a sound barrier to trap the air flow noise. As a result, the drive is 3-5dB quieter than our previous model and other competitors.
Internal Tray Air flow Structure Tray side-view Sound Pressure comparison

Auto Quiet Operation

Intelligent Operation
The drive monitors how it is being used and will adjust its disc rotation speed automatically, meaning it will spin slowly/quietly for audio & movie playback, and quickly for data transfers.


Dust Protection
The sound barrier design that traps noise inside also works as a barrier to keep dust outside. With the newly developed mechanism, the drive has achieved approximately four times superior dust durability over our previous model. This means drive failure due to dust is practically a non-issue.
(Pioneer test)
Lower vibration noise achieved by a more rigid panel design on the top and bottom of the drive chassis
A channel is placed on the front side of the drive to enhance the drive rigidity, which reduces drive vibration and noises. The same measure is placed on the bottom plate of the drive to increase the drive hardiness to prevent unnecessary noise.
Other parts used to protect the drive from noise and dust
A space created for disc clamping on the top of the drive has been reduced to achieve an air tight drive body, which further reduces the air flow noise and increases the anti-dust capability. The traverse mechanism (rails that move the drive pick-up back and forth) increases the drive’s rigidity. The coil spring structure inside the drive absorbs unnecessary vibrations that occur during disc removal. There is also a balancing weight and floating drive mechanism that are cushioned by newly developed materials to support the drive body from vibrations.

Wide media support for high speed write

Wide Media Supprt for High Speed Write
Our continuing engineering principle is to allow for best in class performance over a wide range of media. Unlike our competitors who limit their support to select media, our drives achieve over 16x writing over a large variety of DVD media.
Please refer to the support media list for the latest information.

Precision writing : Disc stabilizer

Disc Vibration Resonance Stabilizer dedicated for precision writing in a high speed environment
High speed disc rotation causes disc warping due to disc resonant vibration. This results in unstable writing quality, especially in the outer areas of a disc. With the newly designed top chassis, air flow caused by the high speed rotation will press the disc.
Without Disc Vibration Stabilizer With Disc Vibration Stabilizer

Precision writing : Disc stabilizer

PureRead functionality allows for reproduction of original audio by eliminating Error Data Compensation accompanied by conventional CD Audio play
When CD Audio is hit with an unreadable error, the error is filled by a calculation that is formed by data located before and after the error point. These errors are typically caused by finger prints or scratches on the disc. This calculation is made to create an artificial sound with the purpose to create seamless audio listening. PureRead is a unique function that minimizes the Error Data Compensation by judging the disc condition, readjusting the reading method, and then retrying to read the original sound data as much as possible. The function is used to minimize the chance to hear artificial audio. PureRead
* PureRead function can be set utilizing the Pioneer Drive Utility.


More Environmentally Friendly Drive Design
Easier Material Recycling
An elastic, hot plastic material injected on a cold drive metal body is the conventional production method typically used in the industry. This production method has a disadvantage when it comes to material recycling because plastics and metals are unified which makes the recycling process difficult. Pioneer has employed more environmentally friendly production methods by paying attention to materials that are easier to recycle. Lightweight and elaborate package design is reflected on the drive which has less impact on our environment.