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You can use your iPhone or iPod touch for simple,
intuitive operation of your new Pioneer AV receiver
and Blu-ray player’s basic functions.

Now you can have convenient system
control using your iPhone or iPod touch

iControlAV2 makes it easy to operate virtually all functions of your Pioneer AV receiver and Blu-ray player using an iPhone or iPod touch in a Wi-Fi network environment. Download this iPhone app and enjoy controlling your home cinema system with the touch of your finger.

  • Compatible AV receiver models (as of April 2012):
    USA/Canada : VSX-1021-K, VSX-1121-K, VSX-50, VSX-51, VSX-52, VSX-53,
    VSX-926-K, VSX-1026-K, VSX-1126-K, VSX-1326-K, SC-1526-K,SC-55, SC-57
    South-America : VSX-921-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-LX55
    Europe : VSX-921-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-2021-K, VSX-LX55, SC-LX75, SC-LX85
    Asean : VSX-921-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-LX55, SC-LX75, SC-LX85
    Oceania : VSX-921-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-2021-K, VSX-LX55, SC-LX75, SC-LX85
    Middle-East : VSX-921-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-LX55, SC-LX75, SC-LX85
    East-Asia : VSX-921-K, VSX-1021-K, VSX-LX55, SC-LX75, SC-LX85
  • Compatible Blu-ray player models (as of June 2012):
    USA/Canada : BDP-33FD, BDP-31FD, BDP-330, BDP-43FD, BDP-41FD,
    BDP-430, BDP-53FD, BDP-52FD, BDP-140, BDP-62FD, BDP150
    Europe : BDP-LX53, BDP-330, BDP-333, BDP-LX54, BDP-430, BDP-LX55,
    BDP-440, BDP-1405
    Other Countries : BDP-LX53, BDP-330, BDP-LX54, BDP-430, BDP-LX55,
    BDP-440, BDP-140

* Not compatible with Pioneer Models before March 2011

Operate your receiver and Blu-ray player's basic functions with
the touch of a finger

CONTROL Function

CONTROL Function

CONTROL Function

CONTROL Function

You can adjust the volume by touching the volume knob and turning it with your fingertip. Depending on the model, you can turn the power on and off, mute the audio and switch zones. You can select the input and listening mode, and display audio/video status information.
You can control Pioneer BD player for daily, basic operation, such as play, skip, serch, pause and stop.

You can also select internet radio station (stored by vTuner) and music files in your PC or server.



You can switch various Pioneer’s proprietary functions on and off: PQLS, which achieves jitter-free signal transmission via HDMI, and Phase Control, an advanced sound quality technology which permits precise phase control of multi-channel speakers. Watch the video for a clear explanation of these functions.
Phase Control Plus allows you to manually adjust for time delays in the LFE channel. You can also choose to engage Virtual Speakers, or Auto Sound Retriever to get the most from compressed audio files.



You can use the acceleration sensor on your iPhone/iPod touch to adjust dialogue and bass levels. By inclining your iPhone/iPod touch, you can control the output levels of the center speaker and subwoofer for optimum clarity. The display shows a graphic of the status of each speaker.

You can also enjoy new "Finger EQ" mode that allows you to adjust sound equalizing instantly with the touch of your finger.

BALANCE Function

BALANCE Function

You can also use the acceleration sensor to adjust the multi-channel sweet spot. By inclining your iPhone/iPod touch to move the balance cursor (blue circle) displayed on the screen, you can adjust the output balance of the speakers to match your present listening position.

Other Functions

Listening Mode Selection.

You can select 21 modes according to the source and your listening preferences: Auto Surround, ALC, Direct, Expanded Theater, Drama, Action, Rock/Pop, Sports, and so on.

Input Source Selection.

You can select the Main and Zone input sources, including Blu-ray Disc player, DVD player, Video deck, TV/SAT. Home Media Gallery, iPod and USB

Audio/Video Status Display.

You can check the status of the audio and video signals being input from the source units as well as the audio and video signals being processed and played by the receiver.

Application & Technical Support

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