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1937 Pioneer's founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, develops the A-8 dynamic speaker.
1938 Jan. Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho (precursor of Pioneer) is founded in Tokyo.
1947 May Fukuin Denki Kabushiki Kaisha is incorporated.
1953 Dec. Introduced Hi-Fi Speaker PE-8.
1961 Jun. Company name changed to Pioneer Electronic Corporation (now Pioneer Corporation).
  Oct. Shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
1962 Jun. Introduces the world's first separate stereo system.
1966 Mar. Establishes sales subsidiaries in Europe and the U.S.
1968 Feb. Shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
1969 Feb. U.S. GAAP consolidated financial reporting starts.
1975 Nov. Introduces the world's first component car stereo.
1977 Dec. Introduces the world's first two-way addressable CATV system in the U.S. (with Warner Cable).
1979 Feb. Introduces Industrial-use laser optical video disc player.
1980 Jun. Introduces VP-1000 LD player for home use in the U.S.
1981 Oct. Introduces LD player for home use and 70 LD software titles in Japan.
1982 Oct. Introduces LD Karaoke system for business use.
  Nov. Introduces CD player.
1984 Sep. Introduces the world's first LD/CD compatible player.
  Oct. Introduces the world's first car CD player.
1985 Dec. Introduces Pioneer's first 40-inch projection monitor.
1990 Jun. Introduces the world's first GPS car navigation system.
1992 Oct. Introduces the world's first 4x speed CD-ROM changer.
1996 Jun. Tokorozawa Plant earns ISO 14001 certification.
  Dec. Introduces DVD player and the world's firstDVD/LD/CD compatible player for home use.
1997 Jun. Introduces the world's first DVD-based car navigation system.
  Oct. Introduces the world's first DVD-R drive.
  Nov. Introduces the world's first OLED-equipped car audio product.
  Dec. Introduces the world's first 50-inch high-definition XGA plasma display for consumer use.
1998 Jun. Introduces the world's first DVD-based GPS car navigation system featuring 8.5GB dual-layered DVD disc.
  Oct. Introduces new corporate logo.
1999 Jun. English company name changed to current Pioneer Corporation.
  Dec. Introduces the world's first DVD recorder compatible with the DVD-RW format.
2001 Jun. Introduces HDD-based GPS car naviga-tion system.
2002 Nov. Introduces a car navigation system with built-in wireless communication module. Introduces a DVD recorder with hard disk drive.
2003 Sep. Total shipment worldwide of PC-use recordable DVD drives surpasses 5 million units.
2004 Jul. Introduces the world's first DVD player for professional DJs and VJs.
  Sep. Transfer of NEC' s plasma display business is completed. Pioneer Plasma Display Corporation (previously NEC Plasma Display Corporation) starts operation on Oct. 1, 2004.
2006 Apr. Introduces BDR-101A Blu-ray Disc/DVD internal drive for PCs.
  Jun. Introduces PDP-5000EX, the world's first 50-inch 1080p plasma display.
  Dec. Introduces BDP-HD1, BD player in North America.
2007 Jun. Introduces plasma TV "KURO" offering stunning black reproduction.
  Sep. Sharp Corporation and Pioneer enter into a business and capital alliance agreement.
2008 Jun. Panasonic and Pioneer enter into a comprehensive alliance agreement on plasma display panel business.
  Jul. Succeeds in developing world’s first 16-layer BD-compatible optical disc with 400GB.
  Sep. Introduces speaker unit PE-101A to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the foundation.
2009 Jun. Sharp Corporation and Pioneer sign a contract for the establishment of an optical disc joint venture (Launch Pioneer Digital Design and Manufacturing Corporation in November, 2009.)
  Sep. All of Pioneer's main production sites in Japan obtain the certification of ISO14001.
  Oct. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) and Pioneer form a joint venture on car navigation business in China. (Anyo Pioneer Motor Information Technology Co., Ltd.)
  Nov. Suning Appliance Co., Ltd. and Pioneer conclude a strategic alliance agreement on Home Electronics business in China.
Moves head office to Kawasaki.
2010 Feb. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Pioneer conclude business and capital alliance agreement on organic light emitting diode (OLED) Lighting.
Introduces world’s first speaker with HVT (Horizontal-Vertical Transforming) technology.
  Mar. Issues new shares through the international offering.
    Issues new shares to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. through third party allotments.
  Apr. In collaboration with Sharp Corporation, Pioneer develops Photoremo@Navi ver.1.1.
  May Pioneer has formulated a new corporate vision: "Spread the smiles. Feel the vibes. Share the passion. Pioneer engages you anytime, anywhere."
  Oct. NTT DOCOMO, Inc. and Pioneer agree to cooperate on smartphone-based navigation compatible with the "docomo Drive Net TM" navigation service in Japan.
2011 Feb. Pioneer and Asia Optical Group of Taiwan agree to alliance on parts production in Brazil through a joint venture.
"Pioneer Plaza Ginza" opens at Ginza, Tokyo as a showroom and for customer communication.
  Mar. Prototypes of car electronics systems for EV are adopted in the Advance Development Model No. 1 developed by SIM-Drive Corporation.
  Apr. Pioneer starts up new brand "STEEZ" for dancers and is to enter the street dance market.
NTT DOCOMO, Inc. starts "docomo Drive NetTM" navigation service for smart phone, and Pioneer introduces Carrozzeria Smartphone Link Navi Cradle "SPX-SC101."
Pioneer and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation jointly suceeed in the world highest level in luminous efficiency of OEL element with printed-type light emitting layer.
  May New Cyber-Navi with augmented reality (AR) scouter mode is introduced, which displays an actual image and overlays the route guidance and other information obtained by proprietary image analysis technology.
  Jul. Pioneer introduces the car navigation system for EV (AVIC-ZH09-MEV) first in the consumer-market navigation systems.
  Aug. Pioneer and Asia Optical Group of Taiwan agree to establish a production joint venture in Brazil since September, 2011.
Pioneer strengthens the strategic alliance with Suning and Suning starts sales of Pioneer-branded digital cameras.
  Sep. Pioneer starts free-downloads of “MIXTRAX” application for PC.
  Oct. Audio systems for street dancers “STEEZ” series are introduced.
  Nov. Network audio players N-30 and N-50 are introduced.
2012 Feb. Pioneer opens the representative office in Argentina.
  Mar. Pioneer exhibits Thaipei International Cycle Show, the largest trade fair in Asia.
Cycle navigation “PotterNavi” SGX-CN700 is introduced.
  May Japanese first in-vehicle unit, Carrozzeria smartphone-link “App Unit” is introduced, which enables touchscreen-countrol of smartphone applications from in-vehivle dashboards.
Carrozzeria "Raku-Navi" series achieved the accumulated shipment of 3,000,000 units (since February of 1998 to May of 2012)
  Jun. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Pioneer have successfully developed commercially viable long-life, high-efficiency OLED lighting using the wet coating process, and have agreed to set up a testing facility with an eye to establishing mass production technology.
  Jul. Pioneer introduces the world’s first car navigation system in Japan (Carrozzeria “Cyber-Navi”) with the w Head-Up Display to project augmented reality information in front of the windscreen.
  Sep.  Pioneer, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and Victor Advanced Media announce the formation of cooperative alliance group, Optical Archive Group (OPARG), for building a framework for optical disc archives compliant with JIIMAguidelines.
  Oct. Pioneer establishes a representative office in Indonesia.
Pioneer starts shipping of organic EL lighting modules with color-mixing and dimming fuction which achieved high brightness and high luminous efficiency.
Pioneer introduced new “Raku-Navi” series equipped with “Air Gesture” (gesture control) function.
Pioneer and Otsuka Medical Devices Co., Ltd. form a business alliance for the joint development of an innovative endoscope for medical use (“Medical Endoscope”).
  Dec. Pioneer and NTT Docomo Inc. announce joint development of a cloud based automatic voice interpretation technology for automotive use.
2013 Jan. Pioneer establishes the new company “Pioneer OLED Lighting Devices” to produce OLED lighting panels.
  Mar. Pioneer is entrusted the development of laser blood-flow meter from JMS Co., LTd.
Pioneer starts selling ear-hole type digital hearing aid for the person with mild hearing impairment.
ROHM Co., Ltd. and Pioneer suceeed in terahertz imaging using small semiconductor element "resonant tunneling diode."
  May Pioneer introduces CYBER NAVI with its new “Smart Loop eye” information service which utilizes communications and AR.
  Jun. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Pioneer establish joint venture company “MC Pioneer OLED Lighting Corporation “ for the sales and marketing of OLED lighting panels.
Pioneer issues new shares through the third-party allotment to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and to NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

Pioneer enters the professional audio market with the launch of the flag ship club sound system.